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Academic Focus Areas

The following school specialized program descriptions should be looked at in conjunction with the School Programs at a Glance chart. The chart provides additional programmatic information that can help students make the best decision in selecting a high school that fits their skills and interests.

Please note:

• North Academy of Arts & Communications & STEM Academy is open to all students; it is a citywide high school.

• Roosevelt High School offers Automotive and Construction and IBCC - Health Careers and Automotive and Construction emphasis as citywide programs.

• South High School provides two citywide programs available to students throughout the district: All Nations and Open.

This unique program is specifically designed for American Indian students, integrating resources from the American Indian community to help students graduate in four years with a clear vision of who they are and what they have to offer beyond high school. American Indian students experience a challenging and nurturing education with classes such as Ojibwe language, Native arts, peer tutoring and American Indian history. Students from anywhere in the school district may apply to this program. Offered at: South (citywide program).
Offered at: South (citywide program)

The Arts & Communications program is for students ready for rigorous learning and collaborative projects in visual and performing arts and/or communication media. With access to professional spaces related to the arts, such as a dance studio, TV studio and broadcasting radio station (KBEM Jazz88 FM), students will have an opportunity to showcase their talents and works. Students can combine high school coursework with college equivalent coursework through a variety of dual credit options and out of school learning opportunities. This program will prepare students for all post-secondary options while inspiring imagination and spirit.
Offered at: North (citywide program)

STEM Academy
STEM at North High builds the skills and knowledge that students need to access a full range of educational, personal, citizenship and career options, as well as the creativity, communication and problem solving skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. A Summatech education provides students with the skills needed for careers that have impact on society; careers that lead to new ideas, new products, healthier lives and a safer environment. Career exploration opportunites, work-readiness training, interdisciplinary curriculum and multiple pathways for students to earn college credit while in high school. 
Offered at: North (citywide program)

Students investigate all aspects of auto body, automotive service and repair industry, as well as construction and trades industries. To earn Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, students spend a semester in each of the following areas: suspension and steering controls, brake service, electrical/electronic systems and engine system performance. (citywide program).
Offered at: Roosevelt (citywide program)

Students participate in hands-on business learning opportunities, as well as an Entrepreneurs Club and an extensive e-mentorship program with Target corporation. Business partnerships also include Aveda, Deloitte and Wells Fargo.
Offered at: Edison

Digital Media Studies
This college preparatory program embeds media literacy, writing skills, and critical thinking through the digital technologies that have become relevant to today’s student. This future-oriented program emphasizes learning through digital formats such as fanfictions, zines, graphic novels, blogs, podcasts and wikis.
Offered at: Edison (citywide program)

Students solve real-world problems using technology, mathematics and science and may earn college credits that are accepted at all Minnesota colleges and universities upon completion of a final project and passing the college-credit examination. See page 34 for more information.
Offered at: Henry, Washburn, South

A heavy emphasis on experiential learning opportunities helps students develop the academic and vocational skills necessary for the pursuit of a career in the varied health care industry. Using up-to-date technology, students take lab courses taught in conjunction with local colleges and have apprenticeship opportunities in health care professions.
Offered at: Roosevelt (citywide program)

The International Baccalaureate Career Certificate (IBCC) is an extension of the Health Careers (Roosevelt), Project Lead The Way (Henry), and International Baccalaureate programs. IBCC students must complete service learning requirements, take two IB Diploma Programme courses including one world language course throughout both grades 11 and 12, pass the IB subject area exam, and complete a reflective project. Students will graduate with an International Baccalaureate Career Certificate and will potentially receive credit at colleges worldwide for their IB coursework.
Offered at: Henry; Roosevelt (citywide programs)

Students in grades 9 and 10 are taught holistic learning, intercultural awareness, academic rigor, community service, critical thinking and research skills, and the development of an international understanding of the world. Students have the opportunity to earn the internationally-recognized IB Diploma if they continue in the IB pathway in grades 11 and 12 and pass the necessary exams.
Offered at: Southwest, Henry, Edison, Roosevelt

Students in grades 11 and 12 are encouraged to think from an international perspective while developing an understanding of their own cultural and national identity. The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning requires studying across six disciplines: native language, second language, individuals and societies, mathematics and computer science, experimental sciences, and the arts. The IB certificate is recognized for credit at most colleges and universities.
Offered at: Edison, Henry, Roosevelt, Southwest, Washburn

Students explore college preparatory education through the broad range of subjects that make up the liberal arts: literature, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, fine arts and independent study. Students learn to think creatively, critically and analytically; communicate effectively, and actively participate in the larger community.
Offered at: South, Henry

The Open program focuses on interdisciplinary learning, social issues, and student exploration of their place in the world. Students develop their critical thinking skills through exploration, student initiative, and personal responsibility while valuing teamwork, intellectual curiosity, diversity, and community.
Offered at: South (citywide program)



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