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Connecting Parents to Educational Opporunities (CPEO)

CPEO is a free seven-week program that provides parents with the necessary tools and skills to support the academics of all students. The CPEO Parent Academy’s goal is to work with families to start preparing your children for college today. CPEO topics are built around preparing for college now, learning the best ways to communicate with school staff, speaking up for our children and making school work for your family.
CPEO is offered at more than 25 MPS sites each year and incorporates a question and answer night with your principal and a college tour for families at the University of Minnesota. Language-specific sessions are offered in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong, and the curriculum is also broken down by elementary, middle, and high school. During CPEO, dinner and child care are provided each night along with door prizes.
Visit our website to learn more.
To enroll in a CPEO class, contact Damon Gunn at 612.668.2095 or damon.gunn@mpls.k12.mn.us.




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