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District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

District Parent Advisory Council

The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is a parent leadership group that joins together district representatives to share perspectives with the Superintendent and Board of Education on policy issues. While other parent groups are school-based or community-based, DPAC offers district parents an opportunity to study and discuss district-wide challenges facing students and families in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Because of DPAC's global perspective on district issues, it acts as an important checkpoint to gauge the equity and consistency of policies across all district schools. Finally, DPAC serves as a training ground for parents who are interested in developing leadership skills in the area of educational policy.
The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meetings are an excellent opportunity for regular dialogue with the Superintendent (or designee) and district staff. There will be representatives from each of the three Area Parent Advisory Councils, the Special Education Advisory Council, Title 1, Title VII, the Latino community, the Hmong community, the Somali community, the African American community, and non-Title I schools.

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