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Transitioning to High School

Once in high school, ninth-grade students will have many new opportunities. You will have a wider variety of classes to choose from, your choices for extracurricular opportunities will expand, and you can create an academic plan that will help you reach your educational and career goals.

You will keep old friends and make many new ones. Many ninth-grade students report that one of the best things about high school is their group of friends. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a group of friends that will have a positive effect on the choices you make.

Your teachers and other MPS staff want you to have a smooth transition from middle school to high school. Many students may feel nervous the first few days but end up being very comfortable soon after school starts.

Below is a list of tips that will help your school year get off to a good start:

  1. Contact your school counselor. They can help you choose your classes, explore future careers, and work out problems with friends or family. Check requirements for college majors and careers of interest as requirements may vary.
  2. Visit your high school. Know where your classes are before school starts.
  3. Be determined to make good choices. As a ninth grade student you will be given more freedom to make your own choices. Making the right decisions can lead to an enjoyable and successful high school experience.
  4. Join a club or sports team. Drama, debate, athletics, mock trials, cheerleading, band, chorus, and student council are just a few of the activities offered in high school. Colleges and the work-force want to see well-rounded students.
  5. Know how many credits are needed to graduate. If you want to further your education after high school, choose classes that will allow you to attend the post-secondary institution of your choice.
  6. Be organized. You will have more homework. Have a planner folder for each class and binder for your folders. Check your grades often on the Parent Portal. Click here for more information on the Parent Portal.
  7. Keep up with your class assignments. Keep up with your class assignments. When you complete your assignments on time, you will get better grades and feel more relaxed.
  8. Get in the habit of planning your time. Schedule your day to have more success in school.
  9. Take time to have fun. There are many enjoyable events in high school like dances, sporting events and club activities.
  10. Stay connected to your parents/guardians. Stay connected to your parents/guardians. They care about you and can be very helpful.
  11. Budget wisely for high school expenses. There are a number of activities, events and memorabilia that will require additional money while you are in high school. These include, but are not limited to: driver’s education class, dances, field trips, yearbook, senior fees, transcript requests, college application fees and more. If you need assistance, talk to your school social worker or counselor to see if funding is available.
  12. Talk to school staff members when you need help. School social workers, counselors and other school support staff are available to you when you need help with a personal problem. Many schools offer groups to support students.


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